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Digital Retail transformation

Retail is changing and all retailers has to adopt to the new reality. We have a broad experience of developing digital capabilities to improve customer experience and at the same time increase efficiency

Self-Service Checkout

Self-Service checkout is something we have developed with short time to market. Efficiency improvements are necessary to survive in today’s retail and combined with increased customer satisfaction, it creates a win-win situation.

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RFID Technology

By implementing RFID across the entire value chain in your business, you can save large resources and reduce wastage. In recent years, technology has developed rapidly and a properly implemented project can have a fast return.

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Customer Satisfaction

Keeping track of customer satisfaction and feedback and understanding the correlations has become one of the most important areas to have control of in retail. We have taken this to the next level with  our clients.

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Electronic Shelf Labels

We have the experience of developing smart self-service solutions where one thinks wholeness (customer journey) that is easy for the customers to adapt and use.

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Pricing Software

In order to secure the right price at every occasion, we have developed tools to keep control of own pricing and margins and also to monitor what the competitors are doing.

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Digital Capabilities | SWOT

We make a Outside > In SWOT on your digital ability and assess how far customers feel that you have progressed. As well as what strategic priorities to move your position in the market.

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