Our Process

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Describing our process

We have developed our process over 15 year and are still improving, we can support you during the whole project



We are 10 consultants with a common denominator, we’re all coming from the retail industry with a strong knowledge in commerce. It always starts with a need or an idea that arises with you that we help you achieve.



We handle each project individually and carefully selecting the correct strategies that is optimized for your business area and your needs after a proper analysis.
And we work completely independently with each client.



To define the scope that cant be misinterpreted we always build a “Proof of concept” so that all parties 100% understands exactly what to build. The more all the parties involved understand the process the better.



We are well versed in all technical platforms and can guide you through difficult procurements. And we have a broad network of different expertise-consultants that we can bring in to support the success of the project.

Pre-Projects, RFP’s or complete process

We have broad experience of delivering large complicated projects, but break them down to understandable pieces and build capabilities in the organization to overcome the obstacles

ERP systems

The hardest component for a company to replace is the heart of the system portfolio. We have experience in both simple and complicated projects and in all the platforms on the market. We have internal expertise to guide you through this process and through our network we have access to the Nordic region’s best system consultants.

Prognosis systems

The key to good performance is the quality of the forecast that the organization has the tools and the skills to be able to make the right business decision – every day. We have broad experience in both processes, algorithms and systems to support and build a good forecast to help you grow the business faster than the competition.

eCommerce platforms

Selecting and implementing a new e-commerce solution is rather complicated today. No matter which solution you choose, we work completely independently and listen to your needs and work processes, look at your competences and business systems to help you choose the right strategy and solution.

We are completely independent

These solutions below are some examples of platforms we have experience with, but we are totally independent and our only mission is to support your strategy without any conflict of interest