Feedback | App

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We have developed the Feedback | App concept for several years and are happy to present one of the most powerful tools in the market to improve customer satisfaction.

It’s a complete concept with a Tablet PC Touch display, a real NPS scoreboard and additional specific questions to deep-dive in reasons behind and a dashboard application to follow-up performance and closing-the-loop.  It’s not just a temperature meter like most other similar applications that you see in the market, it’s a complete actionable tool to measure and take actions on customer and/or employee satisfaction in the whole organization.


The Feedback | App

It’s a Android App that is running on a 10,1″ PRO TabletPC and are connected to a LAN or WLAN network. We have a set of standard holders for the TabletPC in our assortment that also can be customized in design.


The NPS main screen

The Feedback | App has a main screen that includes a customized logo for each customer and an aditional screen that can answer more detailed questions.


The Dashboard

The results are presented in a Dashboard where you are able to do deeper analysis and really take decisions based of customer feedback. The Dashboard supports multiple data sources and are able to create a 360° view of each entity